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Industrial paints

V.I.P. Pesaro offers state-of-the-art services concerning industrial painting. A complete range of industrial paints, both liquid and powder.

  • Phospho-degreasing
    High pressure in the water phase to remove working residues and temporarily protecting the support to be coated.
  • Blasting with “GARNET” natural abrasive
    For achieving any degree of surface preparation in compliance with international standards on any type of treatable support.

  • Painting or varnishing with mono or pluri-component liquid products
    Alkyd, acrylics, chlorinated rubber, vinylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, etc.
  • Thermo-setting powders
    Epoxies, polyesters, epoxy polyester, smooth, textured, shiny, opaque, special effects etc.

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