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LF epoxy – Antifriction epoxy

LF epoxy is a bi-component epoxy coating anti-friction. Applied to internal surfaces of pipelines offers good protection from corrosion and good chemical resistance. Offers significant long- term advantages in relation to product’s pumping costs, as well long-term protection from corrosion. The relatively low thickness and higher performance make it recommendable for this type of application.
Conform to specifications ISO 15741 –EN 10301 – API RP 5L2 – ENI E&P 20551 App.A – SNAM RETE GAS GASD C 09.11.01

Long-term anticorrosive protection
Offers significant long- term advantages in relation to the product’s pumping costs, together with long-term protection from corrosion.

Very good mechanical protection

  • Facilitates pigging operations,
  • Facilitates tests on piping,
  • Significant increment in the service gas flow.

Other advantages of LF epoxy coating
Avoids contamination of the transported product caused by lamination slag or compounds deriving from the chemical/physical deterioration of the piping’s steel surface.

  • Small and large pipes
  • Standard fittings
  • Wide radius bends
  • Special fittings and pieces
Diameter from 1/2” to 120” Indefinite maximum unit length.
Maximum unit weight 15,000 kg

Fittings and/or special pieces:
(Curves, T-shapes, reductions, flanges, etc.)
Maximum size 3.0 x 3.0 x 13.5 metres
Maximum unit weight 15,000 kg

  • Blasting
  • Removal of defects
  • Application by spray or using a turbine
  • Final controls

Selected from among the top qualified international brands by the biggest companies.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

LF epoxy

LF epoxy – Antifriction epoxy product specifications

V.I.P. Pesaro takes care of customers needs designing custom coatings for special pieces in order to always satisfy clients expectations. Since more than ten years we are providing our protective solutions worldwide.
We offer specific consultancy since the analyses of project requirements. We design the best solution selecting with the client the most suitable coating and the best applicable technique. After realization, we carry out laboratory tests to truly guarantee a perfect results.


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