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Thermal Spray Coating
TSC Metallizing

V.I.P. Pesaro is able to offer electric arc, Thermal Spray Coating TSC Metallizing of all components as well as pipes.
Metal insert can be applied without sealant guaranteeing excellent anticorrosive protection.
Both sealed or painted can be used in any type of environment, thanks to coating characteristics.

  • Very flexible process applicable to pieces without limitations in quantity, size and weight.
  • Surface heating limitation in order not to alter the characteristics of treated product.
  • Can be applied in factory as well on worksite using suitable equipments.
  • Ensures higher anticorrosive protection in comparison with any other protective system.
  • Possibility of carrying out restorations and/or repairs on hot galvanized surfaces.
  • Very long-lasting coating even in highly aggressive environments.
  • Flame spray and thermal spray.
The metal insert without sealant is used to meet a variety of requirements concerning pipeline protection. Coating with zinc wire can be used as an alternative to hot galvanising.

Main advantages:

  • Excellent mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion.
  • Anticorrosive protection even when damaged.
  • High resistance to high temperatures.
  • Applicable without size restrictions.

Sealed metallization offers a range of long-lasting coatings even in highly aggressive environments.
It is normally used for off-shore applications.

Main advantages:

  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • High anti-corrosive properties.
  • Applicable in various thicknesses using several metals having completely different characteristics.
Diameter from 1/2” to 120”
Indefinite maximum unit length
Maximum unit weight 15,000 kg.

Fittings and/or special pieces:
(Curves, T-shapes, reductions, flanges, etc.)
Maximum unit weight 15,000 kg.

Coating applicable also on pieces already manufactured and ready for assembly.
Maximum unit weight 15,000 kg.

  • Blasting
  • Electric arc metallization
  • Sealed application if requested
  • Final checks and quality controls
Selected from among the top qualified international brands by the biggest companies.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Thermal Spray Coating
TSC Metallizing

TSC Metallizing product specifications

V.I.P. Pesaro takes care of customers needs designing custom coatings for special pieces in order to always satisfy clients expectations. Since more than ten years we are providing our protective solutions worldwide.
We offer specific consultancy since the analyses of project requirements. We design the best solution selecting with the client the most suitable coating and the best applicable technique. After realization, we carry out laboratory tests to truly guarantee a perfect results.

Thermal Spray Coating – TSC Metallizing

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